Marine Mist Blackfish Hunter UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Performance Shirt

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Thank you for visiting our website and viewing our products. We offer the world’s best UPF 50 plus performance fishing shirts in species specific logos, designs and colors that promote you and your fishing passion. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase and we’re very grateful for your business.

Beware of the razor sharp, shell crushing teeth of the blackfish, also known as Tautog.  The Marine Mist Blackfish Hunter long sleeve performance shirt from our Atlantic Pursuit line features moisture wicking 100% polyester fabric with a lab certified 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating.  Fully sublimated graphics include the popular Marine Mist hand painted background, white Blackfish Hunter chest logo and Atlantic Pursuit Fishing sleeve text. Pursuing the blackfish in the Atlantic brings a great reward at the dinner table.